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Web-based, discounted payroll with 24/7 employer access. The Manufacturer & Business Association has partnered with E.C.C.A., one of the region’s leading payroll service providers, to offer members an exclusive Web-based payroll system – discounted up to 20 percent off! Utilizing the most advanced technology on the market today without the expensive purchase or upgrade costs, members can now have complete access to their employee payroll and benefit information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Focus on your core business. Let us handle your payroll.


Wouldn’t you like to be able to print a preprocess register to ensure an accurate payroll each pay period? View checks gross-to-net? Set up unlimited deduction and pay codes? Print YTD reports? Have your taxes automatically processed each pay cycle? Our payroll technology contains the tools you need to take control and streamline your payroll processes. You can use the software on your system or completely outsource the payroll functions to us.

Each pay period, we prepare:

  • Payroll checks
  • Wages and tax summary by department
  • Tax notification
  • Detailed list of tax liabilities
  • Payroll journal, YTD wages and taxes
  • New hire reporting

Each quarter, we prepare:

  • 941 quarterly return
  • Employee earnings ledgers
  • State unemployment tax return
  • Federal unemployment tax return
  • Local tax requirements

Once a year, we prepare:

  • 940 federal unemployment tax return
  • W-3 recap of federal withholding

Also available:

  • Direct deposit
  • Vacation, sick and holiday accruals
  • All federal, state and local tax filings
  • Ability to view checks “gross-to-net” and “net-to-gross”
  • General ledger reports
  • Human resource system
  • Labor distribution reports
  • 1099 payments
  • Federal and state W-2s
  • Laser check signature
  • Pressure-sealed payroll checks
  • Third-party agency checks
  • Easy-to-use report writer

No Limit to Employee and Company Data

Companies can define a virtually limitless number of earning and deduction types. The limitation is based solely on available disk space. In addition to the unlimited earnings and deductions, there are more than 30 groups of data with unlimited numbers of codes, including:

  • Deductions
  • Taxes
  • Direct deposit accounts at any number of banks
  • 401(k) administration
  • Time-off benefit accruals
  • Paychecks
  • Earning codes
  • Deduction codes
  • Tax codes
  • Bank accounts
  • Five user-defined organization levels
  • Job codes
  • Positions
  • User-defined frequencies
  • Third-party checks
  • Calendar
  • Automatic pay
  • Pay rates
  • Labor distribution


Our payroll technology is specifically designed to work with Crystal Reports from Seagate Software. Using the most powerful report writer on the market allows for creation of very elaborate reports and customizations that require minimal effort and provide maximum flexibility. Reports can be printed on demand, based on company-specific criteria or ad hoc user requests.

Additionally, the system contains more than 100 standard reports and a free built-in report writer that allows users to quickly create their own simple reports.

Data Import/Export Features

Time and Attendance Imports
Designed with the end user in mind, our payroll technology can automatically import data from time clocks.

General Ledger Exports
The system can automatically create the journal entries for integration with most modern general ledger accounting systems.

For more information, call Payroll Services at 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660.