MFG Day Exhibitors

Accudyn Products, Inc.

Booth Description: TV with company video on a loop. Examples of molded parts and tooling components. Company swag giveaways.

Acutec Precision Aerospace

Booth Description: A world class Aerospace machine shop with over 260 CNC machines with both automated tending as well as manual tending. Acutec is always leading the industry with new technological approaches to problem solving on mission critical machined components. They will have robot demonstration setup showing how they automate their machine centers.


Booth Description: Display of Airborn with video monitors, parts, scopes and cobots.

American Turned Products

Booth Description: Parts display, video, and a putt-putt hole for students to play for a prize.

Ameridrives International

Booth Description: 3D printed examples of the parts they manufacture to showcase to the students.

Betts Industries, Inc.

Booth Description: Betts career fair table setup.

Carmeuse Lime & Stone

Booth Description: Photos, sand and stone samples. The stone that is brought to their dock and their sand is used for construction of state, commercial and residential projects. They dredge Sand (J.S. St. John). During the winter months, they perform maintenance on some of the Great Lakes vessels. They also perform heavy lifts.

Channellock, Inc.

Booth Description: Finished product will be displayed. Hand tools manufactured in Meadville, PA.

D & E Machining Ltd.

DRV Incorporated

Booth Description: Showing items they use in their day-to-day job. Specifically the reasons for using a Variable Frequency Drive - how it saves money for a company and give them more flexibility in operation.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

Booth Description: Stand up banners and giveaways

Ellwood National Forge

Booth Description: Rolling images of company capabilities, products and markets. Including a model of a hard target penetrator.

Erie County Community College

Showcasing training/offerings in manufacturing jobs related curriculum. They will have a game set up, giveaways and a popcorn machine.

Erie County Technical School

Booth Description: Erie County Technical School will be sharing information about the manufacturing opportunities at the school.

Erie High School

CNC/Fanuc Robotics/Lincoln Welding

Erie Institute of Technology

Booth Description: Booth will feature flyers and information on training programs they offer to help students enter the manufacturing job force, as well as examples of student work.

Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership

Booth Description: Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership Banner/Resource Material/Erie Regional Manufacturing Partnership Material/End Product and show career pathways in manufacturing.

Erie Strayer Company

Booth Description: Students will be able to learn how Erie Strayer's concrete batch plants are manufactured/erected while viewing a scaled-down model.

Eriez Manufacturing Company

Booth Description: Eriez will have a touchscreen showing videos of their equipment in action. They will have magnets to display the attraction of magnetism.

Faro Technologies

Booth Description: Using a Faro Laser Scanning Arm attached to a tripod, students will be able to laser scan anything and see it instantly on the screen. This data is great for measuring or reverse engineering and 3D Printing.

Gannon University

Booth Description: They will be bringing the Mobile STEM Lab RV that they brought three years ago. Their booth will feature 3D printing, electronics manufacturing and STEM education.

Grand Canyon University

Booth Description: Information table featuring educational opportunities information including snacks, swag, and video highlights of the University.

Greenleaf Corporation

Booth Description: Exhibit will showcase their industrial cutting tools and products.

Harbor Creek Robotics

Booth Description: Exhibit be a 12x12 field as well as a couple of robots to show off this year's game as well as generate more interest and awareness of robotics.

Industrial Sales & Mfg., Inc.

Booth Description: Informational banner, back light, spin-to-win wheel with manufacturing giveaway merchandise, TV monitor displaying job vacancies videos

Industrial Sales & Mfg., Inc.

Booth Description: Get students and local business leaders interested in CTE - check out izzit Here! This moble classroom from, an Erie-based educational non-profit, provides opportunities for businesses to meet with students, demonstrate the skills of their fields, line up job shadowing, internships, or even conduct actual interviews. Grab the attention of the next generation of CTE students by hosting izzit Here! at your local middle or high school, or CTE Center, and partnering with businesses to match skills with careers, and even showcase those skills inside/outside/around izzit Here! all at no cost to schools, students, or businesses.

JV Manufacturing

Booth Description: They will have a JV banner as the backdrop, JV labeled tablecloth. Will bring merchandise such as cups, bags, pens, stickers, candy. They will bring parts that JV makes to show. They are ordering a spin wheel for prizes if students tell them something they have learned.

Manufacturer & Business Association

Manufacturer & Business Association Kahoot! Challenge

Booth Description: Kahoot! Challenge: Trivia questions on screen, students use their cell phones to answer. Most correct answers and answered the fastest is winner. Topics: Miscellaneous Trivia/Manufacturing/Companies Exhibiting

Matric Group

Booth Description: Three pull-down panels with a table showcasing their assembled circuit boards, cables, and other producs they manufacture.

Matrix Tool, Inc.

Booth Description: A presentation of the facility, different machines, what exactly they do/specialize in. They will have a lot of their production parts on display, along with marketing materials (case studies. magazine articles) student are welcome to take. They will also have packs of golf tees, that they make, to give away to students.

McDowell Manufacturing

Booth Description: McDowell Manufacturing is a student run enterprise creating real parts for real companies in the Erie region.

Meadville Forging Company

Booth Description: In their exhibit, they will have a video of their forging and machining processes. They will have a Faro Arm there with an engineer to show how it is used. They also plan to have an interactive game where students can match their parts to the vehicles they go on.

Money Radio WP$E

Booth Description: Giveaway WPSE pens and program sheets.

National Fuel

Booth Description: Natural gas equipment, inspection devices and educational information.


Booth Description: They will have a working automation cell and hands on robotics.

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College

Booth Description: NPRC's exhibit will feature portable trainers for motor controls, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers, and electrical controls. These trainers are utilized by NPRC to train students in the bb-setting for topics related to industrial maintenance. Students will have an opportunity to engage with these items under the supervision of instructor if industrial technology, Frank O'Connell..


Booth Description: Activity for students. They will also distribute their Exploring the Marvels of Manufacturing activity packet.


Booth Description: Robots display with opportunity for students to drive the bots. Information about the various careers in manufacturing.

Parker Lord

Booth Description: Rotor head examples will be on display to show components that are manufactured at the Erie facility.

Penn State Behrend

Booth Description: Penn State Behrend is ranked among the top engineering schools in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Behrend graduates work in a variety of manufacturing settings around the world. Stop by the Penn State Behrend booth to learn more about their degree programs and engage in hands-on education.

PennWest University

Booth Description: Faculty members will be attending with interactive activities (physics, computer science). They plan to have current students attending as well. They will also provide recruitment educational literature.

Plastek Industries, Inc.

Booth Description: Displays of their products.


Booth Description: They will have a monitor to provide a visual display of their company, explaining what they do and the markets they serve. Pieces of equipment will be on site to help explain how an injection molding machine operates, and they will have a quick survey for students to fill out. Students who complete the survey will receive a giveaway item! Handouts will also be available that explain their brand new CORE Development Program! What is it? The first setup into a larger training platform for employees to help them grow into a Processing, Lead Inspector, or Changeover role.

Ridg-U-Rak, Inc.

Booth Description: Pallet Rack setup with audio-visuals of products and manufacturing. Video loops showing roll-forming, welding, painting, material handling and shipping of steel storage products.

Rosedale Technical College

Booth Description: Rosedale Technical College trains those looking for careers in welding, electrical, automotive, collision, diesel, HVAC.

Starn Tool & Mfg. Company

Booth Description: They will be playing "spin the wheel" to win prizes and displaying what they do as a tool shop and the parts they make.

SyBridge Technologies

Booth Description: They will have banners, molds used for the medical industry as examples, and a presentation set up at the table to interact with students and others.

U of Pitt - Manufacturing Assistance Center

Booth Description: They are a machinist training facility located on the University's campus in Titusville. Their goal is to train students that are looking to learn a trade or even to get machinist training before entering college for an engineering degree.

Value Point Associates

Booth Description: Tabletop displays promoting employee benefits - which all manufacturing companies offer. They have true/false and multiple choice questions with candy prizes.


Booth Description: Will have 3D printer plus samples, as well as, giveaways and TV screen explaining 3D print capabilities and manufacturing of their products.

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