Payroll Services

The Manufacturer & Business Association has teamed with ECCA Payroll to offer a workforce management solution to MBA members. This exclusive package includes the tools and features necessary for any-sized company to manage the fundamentals of their business – payroll, tax, and human resources.

Core Features

This MBA/ECCA exclusive offering provides your company with a comprehensive solution to meet all your workforce needs. By streamlining your payroll process with ECCA Payroll, you get the very best in:


ECCAonline is a Web-based payroll solution scaled to your company’s requirements. Included with this package are direct deposit advices, accruals, new hire reporting and filing, third party agency payments, and more. With ECCAsecurepay, all payroll checks and tax payments are drafted against the ECCAsecurepay Trust Accounts. By utilizing Positive Pay, ECCA eliminates the risk of check fraud.


ECCAtaxfiling includes payment of all Federal, State, and Local taxes as well as tax notifications and responses. For each quarter, all necessary unemployment tax returns are prepared and filed.

Human Resources

ECCA offers a complete HR management solution so you can track your employees from the initial application through retirement. With ECCA personnel tracking, you can record and maintain a vast array of data concerning your company’s most import asset – your employees.


ECCA’s standard report library covers all aspects of your payroll operation, including payroll registers, input worksheets, 401k reports, and labor distribution reports. Also available are the necessary quarterly and annual tax reports, such as employee W-2s and 1099 reporting.


ECCA provides secure, formatted data interfaces for workers’ compensation insurance, 401k providers, and most accounting packages.


Simplifying Payroll

ECCA is the premiere customer-focused business providing payroll processing and tax filing for companies of all sizes.

Since 1975, ECCA has provided companies with the services and technologies needed to manage and grow their business. While the technology behind the products has changed over the years, ECCA has remained focused on a customer-driven philosophy.

ECCA’s success has grown out of their collaboration with their clients. This belief in working together ensures that the products and services that ECCA continues to offer are tailored to truly benefit their customers.

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